Lexus Targets German Competitors in New Commercial

By | April 07, 2014
The luxury midsize sedan segment has been offering up some great competition from BMW, Mercedes-Benz, and Audi, and it seems like others have been lost in the whirlwind of German engineering. But that's all changing. In the latest commercial from Lexus, the Japanese automaker snaps consumers out of their daze to reveal the new GS. Lincoln has tried previously to call out fellow luxury competitors in its current campaign, but hasn't been that successful. Lexus has taken a different standpoint than the American brand, pinpointing specific features that could be thought of as selling points in its competitors and one-upped them. Standard leather? Check. More horsepower? Check. Six-cylinder engine? Yep, has that, too. But Lexus didn't stop with just calling out the Germans. Many commercials these days rely on computer graphics, or CG, to portray vehicles in more extreme situations, and while there were definitely some computerized elements to the Japanese automaker's latest video, the cars were all real. You try swinging a 4,000-pound car from a pendulum in the middle of a desert. It's not that easy.
Do you need a wake-up call? Check out the latest commercial from Lexus featuring the 2014 GS. Source: Autoport Magazine via YouTube