Mercedes-Benz vs. BMW: March Sales Madness

By | April 02, 2014
The ever-continuing battle between the two German brands has one finally pulling ahead of the other. With the announcement of March 2014 sales, BMW has managed to beat Mercedes-Benz, not only for the month, but for year-to-date sales as well. Mercedes-Benz reported 27,401 units sold for the month of March, with 72,614 units sold in the first three months of the year. This is over 8,000 less than BMW's monthly sales of 8,361 units and year-to-date sales of 81,034. It seems that even the introduction of the new CLA-Class wasn't enough for Mercedes-Benz to pull ahead. BMW North America President and CEO Ludwig Willisch said in a statement that "New models from the 2 Series to the 4 Series to the X5 are gaining traction in the marketplace, and for MINI the months of drought will be ending as the new Hardtop is arriving and on its way to showrooms." The 3/4 Series models were the top sellers for the BMW brand, with over 10,000 units sold in March.
However, Mercedes isn't down for the count. "Thanks to a best-ever March, we've hit a new first quarter sales record in 2014. Our CLA is making strong headway in the entry luxury arena with sales of more than 20,000 units after just six months on the market. With another knockout series of products waiting in the wings, we expect even higher growth this year and beyond," said Steve Cannon, president and CEO of Mercedes-Benz USA, in a statement. BMW continues to outpace Mercedes-Benz so far this year, with both brands pushing new products. While the year is far from over, Mercedes is going to have a climb to overcome the nearly 8,500 unit lead that BMW has gained. Source: BMW, Mercedes-Benz
Achai Maudlen
Achai Maudlen

Good for Mercedes, but I still wish they would stop sacrificing the quality of their vehicles for higher profits! My 2013 C250 has sub-par build quality and a lackluster engine compared with to my previous 2002 C230. I feel Mercedes is sacrificing quality for short term profits. Just look at their goal, 30 new models by 2020. With this many new models, quality will definitely suffer and repeat customers will plummet. Look what happened to Toyota's quality, and subsequent sales, after they tired to grow too fast too soon.

The insurance companies have also taken notice. My car costs me $100+ monthly to insure. My husband drives a Lexus and pays just $30 monthly to insure it (from Insurance Panda). Coincidence? I don't think so. Europen cars have always cost an arm and a leg to repair... with these continuing 'defects', it only makes sense that my premiums would rise!

When will car executives learn that quality keeps current customers coming back and brings in new customers. A large selection of models only creates problems.