National Corvette Museum Receives Generous Donation After Sinkhole Disaster

The sinkhole that wrecked eight prized models at the National Corvette Museum in February also hit Corvette lovers hard. While some cars emerged from the sinkhole partially damaged, others were almost completely destroyed. Luckily, a generous donation from a Corvette owner will help the Museum rebuild from the disaster. When Lynda Patterson got word that a 40th Anniversary "Ruby Red" Corvette fell face first into the sinkhole, she wanted to donate her own to the Museum. She called up workers at the Museum, who were thrilled to hear from her, and brought in the car April 17. “Seeing that other Ruby in the hole made me think that maybe I should give ours to the Museum soon. Almost twenty years ago my husband Mike and I designated that our Ruby would go to the National Corvette Museum anyway. He died in 2012 after being diagnosed with a brain tumor a year earlier,” Patterson said.
Speaking about her experience donating the Corvette, she also noted, "This is bitter-sweet. I’m so glad she’s coming here and will be enjoyed by so many.” The National Corvette Museum is located in Bowling Green, Ky. The Museum is showcasing a "Great Eight" exhibit featuring details on the sinkhole Corvettes. Source: National Corvette Museum