One Third of Recalled Vehicles Go Unrepaired, Data Says

By | April 15, 2014
As we've learned from the GM ignition switch fiasco, prompt recalls are critical to saving lives. But even if automakers do everything right and report safety issues in a timely manner, consumers may not do their part. According to new data from CarFax, up to a third of recalled cars are never repaired. Last year, about 3.5 million used cars were for sale online despite having unfixed recalls. And a total of 36 million vehicles, or one out of every seven cars on the road, currently have an unrepaired defect. Recalls can range from fuel leaks, which can cause engine fires, to something as seemingly small as a missing label. Either way, it is important for consumers to know if their particular model is under a recall. Unfixed recalls can lead to safety problems down the line and can even decrease a vehicle's resale value.
The government has taken steps to make sure the public is properly notified of recalls in the U.S. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has recently standardized the way automakers issue recalls. Starting this February, all automakers have been required to use distinctive bold red labels on mailings that go out to owners of recalled cars. This action will hopefully make it harder for consumers to ignore it as junk mail. For more information on all vehicle recalls in the U.S., consumers can visit Source: Automotive News, CarFax