Roadkill Road Trips '75 Stingray to Chevrolet Corvette Museum

By Matthew Askari | April 27, 2014
When a sinkhole at the Chevrolet Corvette Museum swallowed eight classic 'Vettes whole, much of the auto world gasped. The "Roadkill" crew? They decided to survey the scene, with hopes of making their own donation to the sinkhole. Scouring Craigslist, the crew found a dilapidated, rundown 1975 Stingray in Florida. With their vehicle located, the starting point of the road trip had been formed. After flying out to Florida, buying the Corvette, and assessing just exactly what they were buying, the crew set to work making the Stingray road worthy. The good news? The engine fired right up. The bad, there wasn't much else of the car. Add a chance encounter that looks to change the "Roadkill" road trip plans altogether, and you've got the makings of a great episode. Will the Corvette get them to the museum? Do they get to offer their own 'Vette to the sinkhole? You can watch the video below, to find out:
Source: Roadkill by Motor Trend via YouTube