Saleen Tesla Model S Coming This Summer

While it may not look like the most aggressive car on the road, we all know that the Tesla Model S is fast. As in 4.2-seconds-to-60-mph fast. Now Saleen promises to give the Model S a look that will more closely match its performance capabilities.
Complete with massive five-spoke black wheels and a bold rear spoiler, the Saleen Tesla Model S provides a whole new take on the popular electric car. In photos and sketches released by Saleen, the car appears in an "Orange County Orange" paint color as well as a classic red. We also see a carbon fiber rear diffuser, carbon ceramic brakes, and aerodynamic flairs.
The interior of the car maintains the same theme. We see what looks like a suede material on the seats, accented with red stitching and unique Saleen headrests. The materials extend to the door panels and glove box.
The first Saleen Tesla Model S will be completed this summer, the company said. And don't expect the changes to stop skin-deep; we expect the car will also receive enhancements under the hood to make it even more powerful. Saleen hasn't released those details yet, but check back soon for more info. For now, look at the gallery to see more pictures. Source: Saleen