Tesla Motors Adopts Business-Leasing Strategy

By | April 08, 2014
A little over a year ago, Tesla Motors introduced a new way to give customers better options when looking for a new vehicle. Want to return it in three years like a lease but still take advantage of owning a car? Yep, they've figured out a way to make that possible. The Resale Value Guarantee will give customers the option to return their Model S after three years of ownership at a set rate. Added to that, when using a car loan provided by the automaker's financial partners, customers get the flexibility of a lease, with the benefits of owning a car, including the $7,500 federal electric vehicle tax credit. Is it even a question why so many Tesla customers are opting for this program?
However, there have been some customers who want to have an actual lease as to make the vehicle a business expense and write off the payments. Tesla has just announced its solution; the automaker will now lease to business owners. The electric automaker made it a point of saying what their leasing program was all about in a recent statement. "Our leasing program is straightforward and transparent, and we've designed it to be user friendly. To begin with, business customers can easily see upfront their monthly cost of leasing while configuring their car on our website." Like purchasing a vehicle from Tesla, customers and business owners can also sign their leases completely electronically. All leases will be available from Tesla Finance, which has been set up just for the new lease program. With financial assistance like the lease program, Resale Value Guarantee, and loans, Tesla has made getting into a new Model S that much easier. Source: Tesla