Volvo Creates Lightweight, Inflatable Car Seat

Many families know that car seats are notoriously heavy and difficult to stow. Now Volvo has come up with a solution, the inflatable car seat concept. The new car seats weigh less than 11 pounds, half the weight of a typical seat. The seats inflate in less than 40 seconds, and this process can even be controlled remotely via Bluetooth, Volvo says. Once parents are ready to hop out of the car, the seats deflate with an integrated pump and can be easily folded into a small backpack. Not only is it a solution for the family car, but it can also help out families who travel far away from home. Since the seats are easier to carry than a normal car seat, families can take it on taxis, rental cars, or buses to ensure the safety of their children.
Before these seats go to market, we assume they would need to undergo rigorous safety tests to make sure they are equally as effective as today's typical car seats. Volvo says the safety of these inflatable seats is enhanced by their rear-facing position, which should help reduce strain on the child's neck in car accidents. A unique drop-stitch fabric also ensures the seat material is durable for families on the go. Source: Volvo