Week in Review: Debuts, Good Deals, and Good Deeds

The New York Auto Show dominated headlines this week with glitzy new cars from BMW, Toyota, Jeep, and even Alfa Romeo. With all the action on the showroom floor, we made sure to cover every minute of it on our 2014 New York Auto Show page. Other than covering vehicle debuts, we also brought you the latest news, much of which was announced in New York. On Monday, Dodge offered up an irresistible deal on the 2014 Charger and Challenger. On Tuesday, we learned some startling news about recalls in the U.S. Wednesday kicked off with some new information on the next-generation Mazda Miata while Thursday gave us a way to save money on the purchase of a new Nissan Leaf. Friday closed off the week with a kind gesture from a Corvette owner.

Monday, April 14

We started Monday off on the right foot with good news from Dodge. As we saw at the New York Auto Show, the Charger and Challenger have been completely redesigned for 2015. But those who are looking to get their hands on one of these new vehicles don't have to wait. Dodge is allowing customers to lease a 2014 Charger or Challenger now and upgrade to the 2015 models a year later, all without increasing their original monthly payments. Or, those who get the 2014 models can also choose to purchase the 2015 models and get $1,000 off. The program runs now through the end of August. Sounds like a great deal to us.

Tuesday, April 15

Here are some startling facts. According to new data from CarFax, about a third of all recalled cars are never repaired. On top of that, about 3.5 million used cars with open recalls were for sale online last year. Thanks to recent publicity surrounding the GM ignition switch recall and the massive Toyota recalls, we are just starting to recognize how important recall campaigns can be in saving lives. Hopefully, both automakers and consumers will continue to do their part in making sure as many recalled vehicles as possible are fixed. On a lighter note, Tuesday also saw the 2015 Chevrolet Corvette Z06 sold to charity for $1 million. All proceeds went to benefit cancer treatment.

Wednesday, April 16

In the middle of the week, we got wind that Mazda will be building a lighter, stronger chassis for the next-generation Miata roadster. Shaving off 220 pounds, Mazda was able to increase body rigidity and enhance safety performance in the new model. According to Mazda, the new Miata is the first time Skyactiv technology will be used on a front mid-ship engine rear-wheel drive car. We expect the new Miata will be a hit among loyal fans when the redesigned version comes to market. In the meantime, Mazda is showing off some old Miatas at the New York Auto Show this month.

Thursday, April 17

Those looking to get behind the wheel of the Nissan Leaf are in luck. Nissan announced it would offer two years of free electricity on the Leaf. Nissan is giving EZ-Charge cards to new Leaf drivers starting July 1, and these will allow access to public chargers from ChargePoint, AeroVironment, NRG eVgo, and Blink Network from Car Charging Group. The program, however, will be initially limited to customers in 10 large cities around the nation. Later, the program will continue to develop, eventually reaching an additional 15 markets. And who knows? Maybe the success of the program will convince Nissan to roll it out to the rest of the country.

Friday, April 18

Friday ended the week on a high note. The National Corvette Museum reported that, almost 2 months after the sinkhole disaster swallowed eight prized Corvettes, someone made a generous donation. Lynda Patterson this week donated her prized 40th Anniversary Corvette after a similar car was damaged in the incident. "Seeing that other Ruby in the hole made me think that maybe I should give ours to the Museum soon," Patterson told the media. "Almost twenty years ago my husband Mike and I designated that our Ruby would go to the National Corvette Museum anyway." The Museum was very happy for her donation, which will help the Museum rebuild from the disaster.