White House May Allow Tolls on Interstate Highways

By | April 30, 2014
What could possibly make your morning commute even worse, you ask? Perhaps paying a toll and getting stuck in heavy traffic is the perfect double whammy. If a proposal goes through, the White House will reverse a long-standing federal law on interstate tolling. This will allow individual states to issue tolls on interstate freeways as they see fit. The idea is part of a $302 billion transportation bill, which is intended to collect revenue to repair roadways and mass transit systems across the nation. Although nobody likes paying tolls, the White House is struggling with a way to repair old road structures built right after World War II. Funding usually comes from the Highway Trust Fund, which relies on a federal gas tax, but this is starting to become an unreliable source as vehicles have become much more fuel-efficient. Along with the toll roads, the new proposal also offers up a series of corporate tax reforms, including one-time revenue bundles, that will help inject money into the nation's roadway system.
Another part of the transportation bill, and perhaps not as controversial, is a rule that would increase the maximum amount automakers could pay for failing to recall vehicles in a timely manner. Under this rule, automakers could face fines up to $300 million. While the general public may like this rule, automakers will likely express their reservations. Source: The Washington Post