April 2014 Best-Selling Cars by Segment

As winter storms subsided across the nation, buyers were eager to purchase new cars in April 2014. Sales rose 8 percent thanks to strong demand for cars and crossovers. Toyota, Chrysler, and Nissan had some of the biggest gains. In each vehicle segment, the usual winners often took the prize once again, but there were a few surprises in store. General Motors managed to steal just one of the top spots, and Honda edged out Ford in a key segment. Read on to find out the best-selling cars in each segment during the month of April.

Subcompact: Nissan Versa (10,481)

Sales for the Nissan Versa skyrocketed 46.5 percent, setting a new record for the month of April. Although it has long held on to the title of the best-selling subcompact, sales for the model were slipping until recently. Taking a distant second place was the Chevrolet Sonic, which moved 7,655 units. The Hyundai Accent and Ford Fiesta followed with decent numbers, although the Toyota Yaris trailed the pack with just 1,450 units sold during April.

Compact: Toyota Corolla (29,061)

Redesigned for the 2014 model year, the Toyota Corolla has been continuing its long history of sales success. Numbers are up almost 20 percent this month for the Corolla, besting a host of other competitors in a difficult segment. Every month, the Corolla struggles to win against its main rival, the Honda Civic. This also newly-redesigned sedan snagged second place with sales of 27,611 while the Chevrolet Cruze came in a solid third place. The Hyundai Elantra and Ford Focus weren't too far behind, but perhaps a refresh could help these two achieve better sales numbers.

Midsize: Toyota Camry (38,009)

In recent months, Toyota has seen the Camry drop from the top spot in sales for midsize sedans. But no more. For the month of April, the Camry once again sat at the throne with sales up 20 percent from the same time last year. Over 38,000 models were sold, giving it a significant lead over all its other competitors. The closest, predictably, was the Honda Accord with 34,124 units. The Ford Fusion came in third, while the Nissan Altima failed to achieve a top spot despite many months of success. The Hyundai Sonata and Chevrolet Malibu also fell behind the competition.

Minivan: Dodge Grand Caravan (13,352)

Since Chrysler was the creator of the minivan, it is only fitting that one of its SUVs earns the top sales spot of the segment. This title goes to the Dodge Grand Caravan, which saw sales jump a whopping 36 percent last month. As Chrysler consolidates its lineup, however, this model may soon be discontinued, so buyers should beware. Incidentally, the Chrysler Town & Country earned second place among minivans, followed by the Honda Odyssey and Toyota Sienna, which were practically tied. Other competitors, including the Volkswagen Routan and Nissan Quest, fell way behind with sales under 1,000 units.

Truck: Ford F-Series (63,387)

April was a great month for the nation's most popular trucks. Not only is it the best-selling truck, the Ford F-Series has been the best-selling vehicle line for three decades strong. Although it is due for a redesign in the 2015 model year, sales are stronger than ever. With over 63,000 units sold, numbers for the F-Series jumped 7.4 percent compared to the same time last year. As usual, the Chevrolet Silverado came in second place, with sales increasing 8.5 percent. Ram trucks also saw sales rise 17 percent, while the Toyota Tacoma went up 7 percent.

Two-Row Crossover: Honda CR-V (28,485)

Although it is usually the Ford Escape that takes the cake in the two-row crossover segment, this month the Honda CR-V stole the show. Sales increased to 28,485 last month while sales for the Escape dropped almost 5 percent. Another surprise is that the Chevrolet Equinox came in third place, ahead of the Toyota RAV4. The Nissan Rogue saw sales jump significantly for the month of April, as did the Subaru Forester.

Three-Row Crossover: Ford Explorer (16,629)

No one messes with the Ford Explorer, which is a consistent sales winner in its segment. With sales up 17 percent last month, the Explorer continued its positive momentum. Other competitors paled in comparison. The Toyota Highlander performed well with sales of 12,507, up 27.7 percent, but this was the Explorer's only real competitor. Sales of the Nissan Pathfinder and the Honda Pilot dropped last month.

Luxury Sedan: BMW 3/4 Series (9,794)

Each month, there is always a question of whether BMW or Mercedes-Benz will win out. Sorry, Mercedes, but the BMW came in as the clear leader in luxury sales for April. Jumping 19 percent, sales of the BMW 3 Series and 4 Series are as strong as ever. In comparison, the E-Class only managed to sell 6,056 units, and the Lexus ES was close behind at 6,036 sales. Lagging behind was the Audi A4, which sold fewer units than the Cadillac CTS.

Luxury Crossover: Lexus RX (8,130)

Once again, the Lexus RX takes the sales crown in its segment. Sales jumped 15 percent in April, and we really aren't surprised why it performs so well. This crossover may just be the most comfortable family-oriented luxury SUV around, with soft yet supportive seating and a quiet ride. The Acura MDX is also another worthy competitor, and sales for this model increased dramatically in April. The BMW X5 also saw significant gains, while the Infiniti QX60 lagged behind the rest of the crew.

Sports Car: Chevrolet Camaro (9,043)

Every month there is a brutal tug-of-war between the Camaro and Mustang. Often times, both cars alternate between first and second place almost indiscriminately. But this month, the Camaro was the clear winner. Sales for this model rose 13.8 percent. Meanwhile, the Ford Mustang saw its numbers drop 6.6 percent. And it didn't even earn second place. The Dodge Charger zoomed ahead of the Mustang last month with over 8,000 sales. But this situation may change, as we can anticipate an all-new generation Mustang sometime very soon.