Fiat Promotes 500 Lineup and Godzilla

By | May 06, 2014
Perhaps this summer's most anticipated movie, "Godzilla" launches into theaters later this month, and with all the promotional material for this movie airing on TV screens across the country, it's hard to separate them all from the crowd. Enter Fiat's commercial. Featuring the new Fiat 500 and 500L, Godzilla destroys a major city, all the while devouring a number of Fiats. "Looks like he's craving Italian!" Other vehicles fade into the background, flicked aside by the monster's claws. But in the commercial, one Fiat survives, a yellow 500L that literally drives out of Godzilla's mouth.
The commercial was created in part with Moving Picture Company, who was responsible for bringing the monster to life in the film. The Fiat commercial will also feature the same level of finish and dramatic impact as the actual film. In addition to the 30-second commercial, Fiat is also offering two movie-related promotions. Starting May 9, fans are invited to prove their fandom by inviting friends and family to "like" Fiat USA on Facebook to win movie passes and other prizes. One grand prize winner will win the ultimate "Godzilla" movie experience, including 10 movie passes, $150 for concessions, and other Godzilla-branded merch. Another promotion offers a chance to win a trip to San Francisco. Fans will visit Fiat's website and help the monster navigate through a landscape photo of the city and find hidden Fiat vehicles and logos. Each find gains fans one entry into the drawing. Check out the commercial below. Source: Chrysler