GM Shows Cobalt Is Safe to Drive With One Key on Ring

By | May 09, 2014
In the midst of the ignition switch recall, many are rightfully worried about the safety of their older GM vehicles. Some politicians have called for owners to stop driving their recalled GM cars altogether until they can be fixed. To ease concerns, General Motors released a new video that shows how the ignition switches hold up in different road tests just as long as drivers remove all extra keys from the key ring. GM performed 80 different stress tests on vehicles involved in the ignition switch recall. These vehicles were tested to see how they perform over rough roads, potholes, on a high speed track, and in situations requiring quick braking. In each of the tests, the key did not slip out of the run position, GM says. Back in February, GM recalled 2.6 million cars for faulty ignition switches. This problem may cause the engine to turn off, and the airbags, anti-lock brakes, and power steering could fail if there is too much weight on the key ring. GM advises only using a single, GM-issued key on the ring. And while this method is a temporary solution to this problem, GM is now fixing the faulty ignition switches at dealerships nationwide.
Source: General Motors via YouTube