GM to Offer 4G LTE Connectivity on New Models

By | May 13, 2014
General Motors will offer a high-speed 4G LTE data connection through OnStar on 30 new vehicles by the end of the year. The new technology will create a built-in Wi-Fi hotspot into and around the vehicle, pairing with up to seven devices. It supports the use of everything from laptop computers, smartphones, video game consoles, and tablets. In most cases, the 4G LTE and Wi-Fi capability will come as standard equipment. GM will be the first automaker to offer the service across most of its vehicle lineup. Audi, however, first introduced 4G LTE on the new A3 compact sedan. The 2015 Chevrolet Malibu will be GM's first 4G LTE-equipped vehicle. The service will expand to all of GM's four brands throughout the year. During a free trial period, owners won't have to pay for a data plan for three months or after three gigabytes of usage. After that, plans start at just $5 a month for OnStar customers. Basic plans provide 200 megabytes, but buyers can also opt for one gigabyte for $15, three gigabytes for $30, or five gigabytes for $50. For consumers who don't currently subscribe to OnStar, plans start at $10 and range up to $50. Buyers can also choose time-based packages of one day or 12 months. Existing AT& T customers can add their GM vehicle to a Mobile Share Plan for $10 a month. Source: General Motors