Hyundai Releases New 2015 Sonata Ad

By | May 02, 2014
To kick off the 2015 Hyundai Sonata, Hyunda has released a new ad to showcase the sedan's all-new design. Titled "Designed to Impress," this minute-long commercial highlights the latest features of the new model. Set to a soft, slow instrumental track, it's hard not to doze off while watching. The music is so soothing that it lulls you into a sense of calm that is almost too peaceful, making you forget you're watching a car commercial. The commercial itself points out specific features and how they have been crafted to "perform together beautifully like a well-orchestrated symphony." And while we get glimpses of the interior and exterior, we don't really get an in-depth look at what the car is all about.
Yes, the design is definitely more elegant than the previous model, but is it really all that different? Automakers right now are pushing for the personal and emotional reactions to vehicle design, but maybe Hyundai could have better represented its latest model. It's never a good thing when the viewer has to fight to keep their eyes open when watching a commercial. To check out the latest ad featuring the 2015 Hyundai Sonata, check out the video below. Source: Hyundai via YouTube