Jeep Cherokee Gets Second Update for 9-Speed Transmission

By | May 27, 2014
Since the Jeep Cherokee went on sale last October, Chrysler Group has already issued a software reflash to work out bugs on the all-new nine-speed automatic transmission. Now Chrysler Group is issuing a second update to continue addressing these issues. The new software recalibration affects 100,000 Cherokee SUVs built before May 5, reports Automotive News. It will take technicians about five minutes to update the software. Chrysler is also advising technicians in certain cases to take the Cherokees for a 100 minute test drive to make sure the transmission shifts correctly. Chrysler said that it is issuing the software update "to respond to customer feedback and improve satisfaction." The fix is available to customers who complain about the feel of the nine-speed transmission.
But the automaker started making tweaks on the new nine-speed transmission even before the Cherokee ever made it to market. Chrysler delayed the launch of the Cherokee for a few months last year to tweak the transmission, which is Chrysler's first nine-speed. Chrysler hopes to continue rolling out the nine-speed across its lineup of front-wheel-drive vehicles. The second model to receive the transmission is the Chrysler 200 sedan, which arrived in dealerships this month. Source: Automotive News