Kia Nixes Plans for Sports Car?

By | May 12, 2014
We vividly remember the GT4 sports car concept Kia introduced earlier this year, as this model marked a major first for the brand. But according to a new report, it looks like a sports car may not be in the cards for Kia, at least not anytime soon. Kia needs to first focus on strengthening its image and establishing itself as a volume brand, according to overseas marketing chief Lee Soon-nam. But right now, Kia is not ready for a sports car. "The volume will be smaller and then we can't enhance the brand image fully," Lee told Automotive News. "We would like to build our brand image to some level. Then we can maximize the effects of the new car launch."
Lee expressed two concerns with a sports car for the Kia lineup. Firstly, the car's sales may be too small to bring in sufficient profits, and secondly, Kia's global brand recognition needs to strengthen before it can justify an upmarket sporty model. Kia recently introduced the $66,000 K900 sedan, an upscale model that indicated Kia may be taking a dramatic turn towards luxury and performance. After all, Kia has been looking to differentiate itself from its sister brand, Hyundai. But it looks like Kia's plans aren't as radical as we thought, at least for now. Source: Automotive News