Motorists' Rights Organization Rates States on Treatment of Drivers

By Matthew Askari | May 20, 2014
The National Motorists Association has ranked U.S. states and Washington D.C. on their treatment of drivers. The motorists' rights organization examined the government-motorist relationship in each state using 24 metrics, from things like enforcement tactics, state-imposed cost to drive, legal protections, speed traps, and more. "With close to 200 million licensed drivers in the U.S., motorists represent perhaps the largest special interest group in the country. They support government by paying billions of dollars annually in the form of state and federal gas taxes along with various other taxes, fees, tolls, and traffic fines," said company spokesman John Bowman in a release. NMA president Gary Biller said the analysis showed substantial room for improvement across the board. The rankings showed Wyoming, North Dakota, and Utah treat motorists the best, while Mississippi, Montana, Kansas, South Dakota, and Wisconsin also scored high marks, and rounded out the top eight. Those states excelled in categories like fiscal responsibility, cost to drive, and enforcement tactics. Washington D.C., New York State, Delaware, New Jersey and Vermont were revealed to treat motorists the worst. Maryland, Illinois, Rhode Island, and Florida, also scored poorly in categories such as legal protections and regulations. You can see the full rankings by visiting the NMA's study link.
Source: National Motorists Association