Tesla Drops 'Model E' Trademark

By | May 06, 2014
The newest Tesla model is in the planning stages, and while a name may have already been assigned to the new mass-market electric vehicle, Tesla has decided to change it up. While even Tesla Motors CEO Elon Musk often referred to the newest car as the "Model E," the company has decided against pursuing a trademark for that name. This may be a good thing, just in case customers were thinking it may be a fun idea to stock their garage with the Tesla Model S, X, and E. By changing the name of the "E," Tesla is opening up the possibility for a new nomenclature altogether. We may not know just what the automaker is going to call its latest electric vehicle, but what we do know is that it will be roughly 20 percent smaller than the current Model S, have an electric range of 200 miles, and be priced in the ballpark of $35,000.
The model will be revealed early next year, and we have a good feeling that the automaker has already decided on a name befitting the latest edition to the lineup. Although "Model E" may have fit well with the idea behind the first two model names--Model S and Model X-- we think that it's just too generic. "E" for electric is anything but original. Source: United States Patent and Trademark Office