Volkswagen Chattanooga Plant Still Has Chance to Join Union

Even though workers at Volkswagen's Tennessee plant voted not to join a union, there is a chance this could change in the near future. In a secret ballot election in February, Volkswagen Chattanooga plant workers narrowly voted 712-626 not to be represented by the United Auto Workers. But there are few plans of recourse. The UAW could try to organize a small sub-unit of union-friendly workers to hold a new election with Volkswagen. This election would be conducted by the U.S. National Labor Relations Board, and according to its rules, workers would have to wait one year after the failed election before voting again. But there is also a quicker approach. They could hold a private election that does not involve NLRB and instead use a neutral third party such as the American Arbitration Association. In either case, the union would have to show that a majority of workers in the bargaining group want union representation. A third "card check" option would require the union to gather cards signed by workers expressing their desire to join the organization, but this may be an unlikely route, considering VW officials said they prefer a ballot election.
The UAW's loss in February was a huge blow to the organization. If the vote passed, the UAW would have organized its first foreign-owned plant. Source: Reuters