Volvo Polestar May Introduce High-Performance Electric, Diesel Cars

By | May 12, 2014
From the BMW i8 to the Ferrari LaFerrari, high-performance electric vehicles are nothing new. Volvo is jumping on the trend and is considering new electric and diesel cars for its Polestar lineup. According to a report from Autocar, the race-oriented Polestar division is developing more engineering influence at Volvo. Future Volvo Polestar models are likely to be four-wheel drive and come equipped with Drive-E engines that power the front wheels and an electric motor and battery pack for the rear axle. “Power output [of the smaller engines] is not a problem – there’s so much ‘green’ technology that is from racing, such as low friction and roller cams – and electrification is logical because low-end torque is the weak spot in downsized engines,” said Volvo Polestar boss Hans Baath. “It’s also interesting that we can use electrification to produce four-wheel-drive Volvo models.” Baath also told the publication that he "absolutely" sees a diesel Polestar model for the future.
We got a first glimpse of Volvo's Drive-E technology on the new V60 wagon, which promises high fuel economy of 25/37 mpg city/highway from a four-cylinder engine. The V60 Polestar gets 345 horsepower from an inline-6, but Volvo is now looking toward high-performance four-cylinder cars for the future. Source: Autocar