VW to Create GTI Concept for Gran Turismo

By | May 18, 2014
Gran Turismo has long been a favorite of gamers and car enthusiasts alike, as it combines the latest and greatest vehicles and great game dynamics. Not too long ago, Toyota released the FT-1, which was featured in the newest edition of the game, and not to be outdone, Volkswagen has decided to create its own in-game model. The VisionGTI concept builds upon the success of current models, and while it's hard to experience them all in the digital world, VW makes it possible. Through the short commercial, we get to go behind the scenes as the team of designers sketch out the latest digital version and see it come to life. "Experience GTI history as it's written" is the motto behind the latest endeavor, setting us up for what should be an exciting edition to the game. Volkswagen takes cues from its rich roots to deliver a modern interpretation of the GTI.
Watch the video below to see how the designers came up with the new VW GTI for Gran Turismo. Source: Volkswagen via YouTube