Alfa Romeo 4C: Five Facts and Features You Should Know

Before the Alfa Romeo 4C launches this summer, we got to take it for a spin on the Chelsea Proving Grounds Autocross Circuit in Michigan. Here are some interesting facts and cool features on the 4C. 1) It has been 20 years since Alfa Romeo has made cars for the U.S. Why so long an absence? There hasn't been the product quantity or distribution network in North America to justify a return. But the recent merger of Fiat and Chrysler has made one thing possible: bringing Alfa Romeo to a global audience.
This global strategy is key, according to Michael Berube, Alfa's product planning manager for North America. "It's really part of a bigger picture strategy to take the Alfa brand back to its roots in history and in order to do that you need a great product, and in order to afford a great product you have to be able to sell it around the world." 2) How many are coming to the U.S.? It all depends on how many they can produce. Because of the complex materials used in the 4C, such as carbon fiber, Chrysler can produce just 15 a day. The U.S. should get around one-third of all global production for this model, which means about 1,000 4C models can arrive in the U.S. this year. 3) How fast is it? Thanks to its lightweight body and a 237-horsepower 1750cc four-cylinder, it can reach 62 mph from a standstill in the mid four-second range. 4) What's its biggest competition? According to Alfa Romeo, it's the Porsche Cayman, which starts at $52,600. The Alfa goes for $53,900, except for a limited number of special edition models available at launch. 5) What's next for Alfa? Believe it or not, eight new Alfas are expected to launch globally by 2018. The next one, a midsize car, will debut by the end of next year.

Five cool features inside the Alfa Romeo 4C:

1) All-carbon fiber body and an engine made entirely of aluminum.
2) No power steering. But trust us, it doesn't need it.
3) Seven-inch TFT instrument cluster that changes graphics and colors depending on drive model (Dynamic:red, Natural:grey, All-weather:blue, Race:yellow).
4) Leather appointed interior (other than this, it is pretty basic on the inside.)
5) Five-spoke Alfa wheels and brake calipers available in four different colors.