Audi Adds Robots to Streamline Vehicle Service Visits

By | June 18, 2014
Earlier this week, Audi announced that it will be introducing a new technology to not only streamline vehicle service visits, but to improve overall customer satisfaction. The Audi Robotic Telepresence is a one-on-one virtual link connecting dealers across the country with experts at Audi of America to help with the inspection and service as if they were in the same room. So what is ART? This system is an advanced, remotely controlled robot that displays the operator's face and has the ability to move around a vehicle in question. Audi techs will be able to interact with the service technicians and even inspect the engine and other difficult-to-reach parts, thanks to an attached borescope and handheld camera. "ART was designed with both Audi technicians and consumers in mind. The device will give local service technicians valuable one-on-one interaction with their counterparts at Audi of America, which will not only benefit the speed and depth of service at the dealer level, but create an improved ownership experience for the customer in general," said Brian Stockton, general manager of technical support for Audi of America. Check out a video of how it all works here. Source: Audi