Spied! 2016 Ford Focus RS Prototype

This one is for hot hatch fans everywhere. We got a hold of photos for the high-performance 2016 Ford Focus RS prototype as it undergoes its first road test.
The RS may look very similar to the Focus ST hatch, but there are some noticeable differences on this model. We obviously see that Ford is trying to keep a secret of the front end, which is expected to look aggressive and accommodate a new turbocharged engine. Also visible on the car are larger wheels and tires, including sporty 19-inch multi-spoke rims and Michelin Pilot Super Sport tires.
Brake calipers are expected to be 4-piston stoppers, likely from Brembo, an upgrade from the single piston calipers on the Focus ST. On the back, we see large exhaust outlets to complement the aggressive look.
If you still aren't convinced the RS isn't the same as the ST, just look at the numbers. Rumor has it that the new Focus RS will receive the Mustang's same engine, which provides more power than the ST. Expect a 2.3-liter EcoBoost good for at least 305 horsepower, or possibly up to 330 in this new prototype. Torque will likely be rated at 300 lb-ft in the RS. Check out the gallery for more images of the 2016 Ford Focus RS Prototype. Source: Chris Doane Automotive