Toyota Hydrogen Fuel Cell Car Will Arrive Earlier Than Expected

By | June 09, 2014
Originally expected to launch no sooner than 2015, Toyota’s first hydrogen fuel cell car may actually arrive by the end of this year, according to a new report by The Japan Times. Toyota will begin production on the car by mid-December at its Motomachi plant in Japan. Soon, the plant could start producing dozens of these green vehicles per month. The news comes as Hyundai’s first fuel cell vehicle has started arriving in U.S. dealerships. The Tucson fuel cell is available for lease in California and is offered with free hydrogen fuel.
Toyota has said it will focus on hydrogen technology rather than develop full electric vehicles. Its first hydrogen model wil sell for around 8 million Yen, or almost $80,000, but this price is expected to drop between 3 and 5 million Yen in the 2020s. The hydrogen fuel cell vehicle should be able to travel for long distances, giving it an advantage over electric vehicles. It also produces zero harmful emissions, as only water comes out the tailpipe. Refueling takes just minutes, although the infrastructure for hydrogen vehicles is currently very limited. Toyota officials have said the company will not directly involve itself in expanding this network. Source: The Japan Times