Toyota Recalls Corolla and Other Models, Honda Recalls Fit

By | June 13, 2014
On top of a new batch of GM recalls announced today, Toyota and Honda have issued recalls of their own. Toyota is recalling certain 2002-2004 Toyota Sequoia and Lexus SC models as well as 2003-2004 Toyota Corolla, Toyota Corolla Matrix, Toyota Tundra, and Pontiac Vibe vehicles. In almost 844,000 of these cars, the airbag inflator may rupture when the airbag deploys in a crash, releasing metal fragments that can strike passengers. The recall applies to the original airbags installed in the vehicle as well as any replacement airbags that may have been put in. Toyota will notify owners of recalled vehicles to come in for repairs, but so far it has not yet scheduled a date for the recall to begin. A smaller recall involves around 1,000 Honda Fit subcompacts for a driveshaft failure. In these cars, the driveshaft may break because of a heat treatment manufacturing error in the factory. This problem may cause the vehicle to lose power and coast to a stop if already in motion. But if the vehicle is parked without the parking brake activated, the vehicle could move unexpectedly.
Only 2013 model year Fits equipped with manual transmissions are affected by this recall. The recall is expected to start June 15. All repairs for the Honda and Toyota recalls will be conducted free of charge. Consumers can contact Toyota customer service at (800) 331-4331 while Honda owners can call the automaker at (800) 999-1009. Pontiac Vibe owners can call GM at (800) 521-7300. For more information on all vehicle recalls in the U.S., visit Source: National Highway Traffic Safety Administration