'Walking Dead' Special Edition Hyundai Tucson Now Available

For true fans of the hit series "The Walking Dead," Hyundai has release a special edition Tucson that will feature not only an exclusive graphics package, badging, and cargo mats, but also a zombie survival kit. But this special edition won't be around forever. The production version was revealed at the 2013 Los Angeles Auto Show back in November, where we were able to see what it would offer. The exterior boasts an Ash Black paint scheme with red accent graphics, while the inside features a black leather interior, complete with a 72-hour zombie survival kit to complete the package. "The Walking Dead Special Edition Tucson represents a chance for loyal fans to show their enthusiasm for the graphic novel series. The Tucson is versatile, responsive and fuel-efficient, allowing just enough room for those wisely-chosen passengers and supplies needed in the event of a zombie apocalypse or any survival scenario," said Christine Jew, Tucson product planner.
To see an automaker having fun with a special edition model the way Hyundai has done with the "Walking Dead" Special Edition Tucson is rather refreshing. And while there are now three Hyundai Zombie Survival Machines out there, we're excited that one of them has been made available for the public. Even if it is toned down. Source: Hyundai