BMW Moves Forward with Inductive Charging Stations

With its lineup of all-electric and hybrid models continuing to grow, BMW has been studying new technology to create a faster, more convenient way to charge its vehicles. Inductive charging seems to be the answer for the automaker, as well as the next step for energy supply.
The benefits of this type of charging system are extremely notable, as the charging station is made of compact and lightweight materials. The energy to charge the vehicle is transmitted contact-free, is faster than a plug-in station, and has an efficiency factor over 90 percent. With the use of one of these stations, the high-voltage batteries in hybrids and electric vehicles can now be charged safely, conveniently, and more efficiently.
This cable-free charging station offers more convenience, as owners simply have to park their cars over the platform. Daimler and the BMW Group have recently signed an agreement to jointly develop and implement the inductive charging technology. The system consists of two components, a secondary coil in the vehicle floor and a base plate with the primary coil underneath the vehicle. This would most commonly be placed on the garage floor.
On top of the other gains that are achieved by inductive charging stations, it can be used regardless of weather conditions, as all the conductive components are protected. If someone wanted to, they could even install the station outside. Even radiation is kept to a minimum, as the space between the coils is permanently monitored, and charging is stopped if foreign bodies are detected.
Source: BMW