Ford Announces Six Recalls across its Lineup

By | July 08, 2014
Many of Ford's 2014 models have come under inspection due to a variety of reasons from fuel tank issues to panoramic glass sealant failures. The first recall affects the 2013-2014 Taurus, MKS, and Interceptor sedans, along with the Flex and MKT vehicles for an issue with the right-hand halfshaft. Next up is the 2014 Fiesta with potential fuel tank issues, and the 2014 Escape for its panorama roof glass. The 2014 Transit Connect is also among the vehicles affected, but for its brake fluid reservoir cap. Last but not least, 2011-2014 Commercial and Recreational Stripped Chassis vehicles are also among the list of recalled vehicles. For the Taurus, MKS, Interceptor, Flex, and MKT models, the circlip that retains the right-hand halfshaft to the linkshaft may not have been fully seated when assembled. This could cause unexpected vehicle movement. If the halfshaft isn't fully seated, dealers will replace both the linkshaft and halfshaft.
The Fiesta fuel tanks built during a specific time may be missing an adhesive layer, and without it, the fuel tank may leak, which could result in a fire. Ford dealers will replace the fuel tanks in affected models free of charge. With the Escape, the panorama roof glass may not have a properly cured urethane bond between the glass and attaching bracket, which would lead to increased noise, water leaks, or a separation of the glass from the panel. If the sequence number and date match the specified range, dealers will replace the roof glass. The Transit Connect's brake fluid reservoir cap doesn't meet the FMVSS 135 brake system labeling requirement, which will be replaced by the dealer. And lastly, the Recreational and Commercial Stripped Chassis vehicles may have improperly machined brake calipers and faulty junction blocks. Ford dealers will replace both in the affected models. Source: Ford