Jaguar Details New Aluminum Construction on XE Models

By | July 29, 2014
Looking to get better fuel economy as well as a power boost, many automakers are looking into aluminum construction for their newest models. Jaguar has recently jumped on this bandwagon and will implement it on the new XE. The lightweight aluminum-intensive construction is already projected to deliver an incredible 62 mpg combined. But the benefits don't stop there. Thanks to the high-strength, rigid body, the driving dynamics are more engaging, with better ride quality and handling. However, Jaguar didn't just want to use the expertise of other automakers when producing their own aluminum construction. The automaker ended up inventing a new aluminum alloy that uses highly recycled aluminum to dramatically reduce energy consumption and CO2 emissions.
"The Jaguar XE body uses over 75 percent aluminum content, which far exceeds any other car in its class. This gives us a body structure with unrivalled low weight; it's light but also immensely strong with extremely high levels of torsional stiffness. We've made sure our aluminum-intensive body structure exceeds all global safety standards without compromising on vehicle design or refinement," said Dr. Mark White, Jaguar's Chief Technical Specialist; Body Complete. Check out the video below to hear Dr. White talk more about the new aluminum construction. Be on the lookout for the world premiere of the new Jaguar XE in London this September. Source: Jaguar