Lexus Exec Shuns Idea of Sub-$30K Car

By | July 31, 2014
Judging by the words of one Lexus executive, we shouldn't expect to see an entry level car under $30,000 from Lexus anytime soon. "We could go down and build a car under $30,000, but it would be decontented, and you’d be cutting corners. It wouldn’t be a Lexus,” said Lexus International Executive Vice President Mark Templin, speaking with Automotive News. The remark may be a subtle jab against gateway luxury cars like the Audi A3 and Mercedes-Benz CLA-Class. While these aren't the biggest sellers for their brands, both cars have managed to rake in respectable sales and attract younger buyers. The closest Lexus competitor to these sub-$30,000 cars is the IS 250, which starts at $36,550 without tax.
Shying away from entry-level luxury may be part of a new marketing strategy. As the luxury segment becomes more and more competitive, exclusivity may be the key to standing out from the crowd. However, buyers looking to get their hands on a Lexus really don't have to pay that much more than competing brands. Lexus offers a compact hybrid hatchback, the CT200h, that goes for just over $32,000. And just because it has an entry-level luxury sedan doesn't mean sales have suffered. Lexus sales have jumped 17 percent through the first half of the year, coming in above Audi but below Mercedes-Benz and BMW. Source: Automotive News