Tesla Model E Will Be 'Realistically' Priced, And Not All-Aluminum

By | July 01, 2014
Tesla's new small car won't just be a shrunken version of the Model S, the company says. According to Chris Porritt, Tesla vice president of engineering, the Model E will not share the same all-aluminum platform as its larger counterpart. “I expect there will be very little carry-over. We’ve got to be cost-effective. We can’t use aluminum for all the [small car’s] components,” Porritt told Autocar. This suggests the Model E, which comes out in late 2016, could use a lot of heavy steel for its body. As we previously thought, the Tesla Model E will compete with the BMW 3 Series and Audi A4 in terms of price. Earlier reports suggested it would ride around the $30,000 range. However, the final price of the batteries will be the main determinant for pricing, Porritt said. Tesla's new large Gigafactory will help bring manufacturing costs down.
Speaking of bringing down costs, Porritt said Tesla is refining the manufacturing process and components to make the Model S more cost-effective. Adding more models to the lineup will help. Each week, Tesla builds 600 Model S cars at its Fremont, Calif. plant, and with sales of the Model X SUV starting next year, production will increase significantly. (pictured above: Tesla Model S) Source: Autocar