Toyota Names New Fuel Cell Vehicle Mirai

By | July 31, 2014
While there hasn't been official word from Toyota on the name of the company's new $69,000 fuel cell vehicle, rumors are circulating that it will be named Mirai, a source who wishes to remain anonymous told Bloomberg. Danny Chen, a Toyota spokesman, refused to comment on the name. However, the name has been trademarked by Toyota for the U.S. We expect to hear the official name announced closer to the projected sales date. The automaker is hopeful that its customers will embrace the newest addition to the lineup, much like the welcome the Prius received when it first launched. Toyota remains the dominant player in the hybrid and electric segment.
With the Mirai, Toyota hopes to beat out the electric offerings of Nissan and Tesla, and while the price is based on the amount of technology in the vehicle, the company believes there will be a strong market in Japan, where it will launch first. Currently, the Tesla Model S has a range of up to 265 miles, depending on the battery pack. The Toyota Mirai will offer a longer range of around 300 miles, and instead of waiting hours and hours to fill up like an electric car, the fuel cell takes only minutes. Source: Bloomberg

Presumably Mirai means "future" in Japanese, just as it does in Korean, so this is essentially the same name as on the Daewoo Mirae (1999) and Chevrolet Mi-Ray (2011) concepts.