Toyota Reveals Details on New Camry, Prius

By | July 14, 2014
Small but potent turbocharged engines are part of a huge trend in the auto industry right now, but so far, Toyota has stayed away from this movement in favor of hybrid technology. But this may all change soon thanks to a massive overhaul Toyota is planning. Toyota is preparing common parts to use across its engine lineup, a move that may lead to improved powertrains on cars like the Camry. By making common parts, Toyota can reduce costs and use those savings for add-ons like turbocharging, direct-injection, stop-start technology, and exhaust gas recirculation systems. According to Toyota powertrain chief Koei Saga, the new Camry could replace its six-cylinder option with a downsized, turbocharged inline-four cylinder engine. The new Camry, due around 2016, will also be the first vehicle to receive all components of the Toyota New Global Architecture, with a new platform and engine line. Meanwhile, the new Toyota Prius, which now is set to arrive by the end of 2015, will receive partial TNGA technology.
Speaking of the Prius, Toyota said that this fourth-gen model will come with two battery choices to appeal to different consumers. A more expensive, efficient lithium ion model will be an alternative to the lower-cost nickel-metal hydride unit. The Prius may also come in an all-wheel drive version, Saga said. Source: Automotive News (Subscription Required)