Week in Review: Debuts, Delays, and Holiday Deals

Since you're reading this, and not off enjoying your holiday weekend, you must be really eager to learn about the top stories in the auto industry this week. Luckily, there were quite a few interesting pieces. Monday revealed that Toyota will delay the launch of the highly-anticipated new Prius, while Tuesday gave us insight into which automakers struggled with sales last month. On Wednesday, we saw drivers jump out of Genesis cars and onto moving trucks (yes, there was a reason). Thursday finally provided us with a confirmation that the Miata will debut in September, and Friday ended off the week with the top Fourth of July auto deals.

Monday, June 30

The Prius is the world's best-selling hybrid vehicle, so when the new generation comes out, it is important that Toyota hits the mark perfectly. Perhaps this pressure led Toyota to delay the launch of the next-gen Prius from next spring to December 2015. Although Toyota never said exactly why it is implementing the delay, many say that this move will give Toyota time to maximize fuel economy as much as possible. It has long been Toyota's goal to improve fuel economy by at least 10 percent over the outgoing model, and hopefully the automaker will be able to make the necessary changes in time for the launch.

Tuesday, July 1

As the calendar turned over a page once again, automakers published their monthly sales numbers. And the results were mostly positive. Audi, GMC, and Mazda were among the many automakers that performed well last month. Porsche, Hyundai, Mercedes-Benz, Subaru and Jeep even had their best June sales ever. BMW, Kia, and Mercedes-Benz had their best ever first-half sales figures. But not every automaker lucked out last month. Those who suffered included Honda, Chevrolet, Chrysler, Ford, Infiniti, Smart, Mini, and Volkswagen. With holiday sales coming up for the month of July, hopefully the next set of sales results will be better.

Wednesday, June 2

We like to see automakers having fun, especially when it has a specific purpose. Hyundai released a video showing a caravan of Genesis vehicles. In order to demonstrate the car's safety assistance features, the drivers of each vehicle hopped out of the car and onto a moving train, leaving the cars to essentially drive themselves. Hyundai released the video to show off the redesigned Genesis and its wide array of safety features, including cruise control and lane keep assist. These features helped the car earn a Top Safety Pick + rating from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety. Be sure to check out this video!

Thursday, June 3

It may have been a day before the holiday weekend, but that didn't stop automakers from pouring out news. On Thursday, Mazda announced that the new Miata roadster will make its official debut this September. Expect the 2016 Miata to launch here in the U.S. in Monterey, Calif. on September 3. Beyond this information, we don't know much about the model, except for what was already revealed at the New York Auto Show earlier this year. The little bit we do know is that the Miata will have a redesigned chassis that is lighter and stronger than in the previous generation. We can't wait to drive this model, which we expect will arrive in showrooms early next year.

Friday, June 4

While you may be barbecuing and watching fireworks this weekend, don't forget to check out some of the latest incentives happening at dealerships nationwide. On Friday, we rounded up the best truck deals available this holiday weekend (ending June 7). American automakers are offering some pretty juicy deals this year. Expect to find the best deals on the 2014 Chevrolet Silverado and 2014 Ram 1500. But Ford is also offering up some great deals, not only on the F-150 but also on SUVs like the Escape and Expedition. Be sure to check out these deals before they go away.