2015 Chevrolet Volt Receives Minor Updates

By | August 04, 2014
For the new model year, the Chevrolet Volt will receive some minor updates, including OnStar with 4G LTE, standard built-in WiFi, new Iridescent Pearl Tricoat exterior color, as well as increased battery storage capacity. Winner of many awards, the new Volt offers an electric range of 380 miles, delivering around 38 mpg. Thanks to an engineering change in the battery cell, storage capacity has increased from 16.5 to 17.1 kW. Because of its long range of electric power, Volt customers have been averaging 970 miles between gas fill-ups, as most of their driving is completed on battery power. However, the extended-range mode adds an additional 342 miles for peace of mind. Standard features include a seven-inch color touchscreen display, satellite radio, Bluetooth, keyless entry and ignition, along with remote vehicle start system, leather-wrapped steering wheel, premium cloth seats, and more. Optional features include Navigation and Bose Premium Audio package, heated front seats, and two safety packages.
Customers can feel safe in the new Volt with safety features like eight standard airbags, available forward collision warning and lane departure warning, available front and rear park assist, available rearview camera, rollover sensing and protection system, automatic occupant sensing system, anti-lock brakes, traction control, and more. Source: Chevrolet

Major TYPO!

"the new Volt offers an electric range of 380 miles"

No, it does not, that's the combined range with the gas range extender running for all but about 40 miles.

Even my '11 goes 40 miles on it's 16.0 KWH battery, so having 17.1 KWH on the '15 should add a few miles to what I get.

Also, while the average distance between fill-ups is 970 miles, you might want to mention that it is possible to drive for an entire year without using the gas engine. I use about 3 gallons a year, just for the engine maintenance that happens every 6 weeks, and because I do drive a mile or two farther than the battery will take me, once in a while. Mostly it's that the 2 gallons that's left after a year is considered stale, so I have to drive on gas for about two days to use it up before adding fresh fuel. I'm not saying that everyone can use so little gas with a Volt, but saying that 970 miles thing without saying what is possible is a little off.