Audi Tests Autonomous Vehicle Technology in Florida

By | August 13, 2014
Only a few states have made laws allowing companies to test out autonomous cars. Florida is one of these states, and Audi is the first automaker to actually test out cars on its highways. Audi calls its technology "piloted driving" rather than "self-driving," likely because the system right now is only intended for use in select situations. It can help drivers move through slow-moving traffic up to 37 mph by automatically accelerating, braking, steering, and reacting to other nearby vehicles. When the traffic jam is gone, the vehicle prompts the driver to take back control of the car. The technology can also help drivers in complex driving situations to improve overall safety. To test out the technology, Audi brought an A7 Sportback to a stretch of the Lee Roy Selmon Expressway near Tampa. Journalists and politicians were invited to witness the technology, which Audi claims is in a mature state of development.
The piloted driving system uses 22 sensors and a laser scanner as its main equipment. A central driver assistance control unit processes the data from the sensors and detects the entire area surrounding the vehicle. Audi says this technology is "an important step on the way to the volume-production launch" of piloted driving technology. Source: Audi