Audi to Introduce New Four-Cylinder Engine

By | August 15, 2014
Four-cylinders today have become the engines of choice thanks to their great gas mileage, but because they don't have the same performance and power as a V-6 or V-8, automakers have slapped turbochargers on them. But thanks to that, the engines aren't as smooth as they could be. Audi is out to change all that by creating a new type of four-cylinder to rival larger engines. Because the automaker is reducing its fuel consumption in its larger vehicles, it needs an engine that is just as good, smooth, and premium as the larger ones. So how does the automaker plan to go about this feat?
The German automaker may have been awarded a patent for the design of a new engine last year, described as an "Internal combustion engine with multi joint crank drive and additional masses on articulated connecting rods for damping free inertia forces." To put it simply, this new engine will use a different layout to avoid creating internal forces that cause four-cylinders to be less smooth. It looks as if Audi is completely changing the layout of a typical four-banger. Pistons and conrods will no longer run parallel with the crankshaft, but off to the side and connected by a rocker-style link. Said link will connect to the crankshaft at its center, while also attaching to a second conrod at the end. The second conrod will attach to a fixed shaft with a counterweight at its head. With pistons moving on a different axis from the crankshaft, especially with the added counterweight, the theory is that the new engine will be smoother. We'll wait to see this engine in action before we make a final judgment. Source: Autocar U.K.

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