Caterham Brings New Seven Models to the U.S.

British company Caterham Cars is bringing two versions of its Seven sports car to the U.S. market. The Seven 480 and Seven 360 have been developed specifically for the U.S. market and will go on sale immediately. The cars will make a showing this week at Monterey Car Week (Pebble Beach) in California.
Caterham, known best for its lightweight Lotus-derived Seven car, was established in England over 40 years ago. The company just started selling cars in the U.S. market this January through its distributor Superperformance. The company ships the cars to the U.S. partially built as a rolling chassis, requiring customers to finish the car themselves.
The new 480 and 360 models receive a 2.0-liter Ford Duratec engine. A race-inspired suspension helps improve ride quality. The 480 comes with 240 horsepower and can reach 62 mph in just 3.4 seconds. Standard features on this model include carbon fiber front wings, high performance adjustable dampers, push button start, and black leather seats. Slightly slower and less expensive is the 360 model, which has 182 horsepower and zips to 62 mph in 4.9 seconds. Prices for the Seven 480 starts at $52,900, while the Seven 360 goes for $44,900. Source: Caterham Cars