Lexus May Build a Successor to the LFA Supercar

By | August 08, 2014
The Lexus LFA was a game changer for the automaker, and while its two-year production run ended back in 2012 after 500 units were produced, we may see a successor to the $375,000 supercar. The only question that remains is when it will happen. According to Mark Templin, executive vice president of Lexus, Akio Toyoda is fully backing this plan. "Akio believes that every generation deserves to have a car like an LFA, so we're building an LFA for the generation we have today." However, a Lexus spokesman, Brian Lyons, speculated that we may not see another generation of the supercar for a while, potentially 30 years. His reasoning is that it took nearly 10 years to create the LFA, and it could take just as long to produce a bigger and better second generation.
But just having a supercar under its belt wasn't enough for Lexus. The LFA motivated engineers to think more outside the box on other Lexus models, incorporating more emotional styling into the designs, including the addition of more dramatic lines and performance attributes. It's because of these changes that Lexus has once again made the race for the best luxury automaker a race between three brands. The gap between BMW and Mercedes-Benz is slowly closing, thanks in large part to the redesigned IS sedan and GX SUV. Source: Bloomberg