Most and Least Expensive States to Own a Car

By | August 11, 2014
According to research by, states in the Midwest report the lowest overall cost of car ownership in the nation. The study compares repairs, insurance, and gasoline costs to come up with the ranking. Iowa had the lowest overall cost of ownership at $1,942 per year, followed by Ohio ($1,973), Illinois ($1,999), Idaho ($2,001), and Wisconsin ($2,018). South Dakota, Pennsylvania, New Hampshire, Nebraska, and Oregon rounded out the top 10. Surprisingly, our home state of California didn't rank in the bottom 10 states. That dubious distinction goes to Connecticut, Michigan, Alabama, Delaware, Georgia, New Jersey, Mississippi, Florida, Louisiana, and finally, Wyoming. In this last state, car owners can expect to pay $2,705 each year, with the heaviest part of that cost coming from sky-high gas prices.
If just looking at repair costs from state to state, South Dakota would take the cake for the lowest prices. In terms of insurance rates, Iowa came in with the lowest. As far as gas prices go, Washington D.C. was the winner. Bankrate analyzed repair data from, gas data from and the Bureau of Transportation, and insurance costs from the National Association of Insurance Commissioners. This list doesn't take into account car registration rates. Source:
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