Second Toyota FT-1 Concept Debuts in Monterey

Arguably, the Toyota FT-1 was the main event at this year's North American International Auto Show in January. Now Toyota is revealing a second concept of the supercar, complete with a dramatically different exterior and interior design.
Contrasting with the red and black theme found on the first concept, the second Toyota FT-1 features a more subtle, earthy feel. Or if not subtle, at least it is as subtle as a supercar can get. The exterior paint job is a sleek graphite color, accenting the car's sculpted lines throughout the body. Inside, saddle brown all-natural grain leather swathes the seats. Metal accents preserve the futuristic appeal of the car.
According to Toyota, the design took its inspiration from heroes and handbags. Just like superhero costumes of late, the car is moving from the use of bold, bright colors to materials specifically suited for performance and function. The unique materials, textures, and colors used on the leather seats were inspired by high-end handbags.
The second Toyota FT-1 concept was designed by Calty Design Research in Newport Beach, Calif., and it is now on display during this week of festivities on the Monterey Peninsula. Toyota also announced that this car will be of the new FT-1 versions available for download on the popular Gran Turismo 6 game in September. Watch the video below for more details, and be sure to check out the gallery of images. Source: Toyota