Selfies While Driving: Please Don't

By | August 08, 2014
In a report earlier this week, Ford researchers claimed that out of 7,000 smartphone users surveyed in Europe between the ages of 18 and 24, nearly one in four have updated their social media sites or checked their feeds while driving. Along with that, the report claims British drivers are more likely to snap a 'selfie' when behind the wheel. We don't need to be researchers or safety regulators to know this is never a good idea. "Taking a 'selfie' has for many young people quickly become an integral part of everyday life -- but it's the last thing you should be doing behind the wheel of a car. It is deeply worrying that so many young drivers admit to taking a photo while driving and we will be doing all we can to highlight the potential dangers through driver education," said Jim Graham, Ford Driving Skills for Life manager.
According to the survey, taking a photo could distract a driver for around 14 seconds, while actively checking social media sites can distract a driver for up to 20 seconds, and when they're going 60 mph, the results can be devastating. Ford, as part of its driving program for young drivers, has created the below video to emphasize the importance of not taking photos when driving. Source: Ford