Volkswagen Buys Carbon Offsets for Emissions Associated With 2015 e-Golf

By | August 06, 2014
The new 2015 Volkswagen e-Golf runs completely on electricity and is thereby a zero-emissions car. But the process of actually producing it is apparently far messier. Volkswagen said it will purchase carbon offsets in California and other areas in the U.S. to counter greenhouse gas emissions associated with the e-Golf. The emissions come from producing and distributing the car across the nation. Emissions also result from charging the vehicle during its initial 36,000 miles of life. To make up for these emissions, VW is partnering with Bosch Automotive Service Solutions to install 240-volt charging stations in the homes of select e-Golf customers for competitive prices. All e-Golf drivers will be able to access new ChargePoint charging stations at VW dealerships selling the e-Golf. Drivers also will receive the ChargePoint mobile app to help them access the 18,000 plus public ChargePoint stations across the country.
VW is also working with SunPower to provide select e-Golf customers with the opportunity to install a solar panel system for their homes. On top of these services, the automaker is also supporting a number of environmentally-friendly projects around California and Texas, including the Garcia River Forestry Project, Big River and Salmon Creek Forests, and the McKinney clean landfill. The 2015 Volkswagen e-Golf goes on sale later this year in select areas of the U.S. Source: Volkswagen