150-Decibel Nissan "Juke Box" Sound System Will Literally Blow Your Mind

By Jacob Brown | June 15, 2012
"If you're not going to the party, we'll bring the party to you." That's probably something you've not heard since your college days, but it's a sentiment that has undoubtedly driven Nissan to create its latest FrankenJuke: the Juke Box. Collaborating with the Ministry of Sound, a brand specializing in dance club music and technology, Nissan took a run-of-the-mill Juke and upfitted it with an 18,900-watt stereo speaker system capable of producing 150 decibels of sound. For the record, that's more sound than a jumbo jet makes at takeoff. All of it is self-sustaining, too, meaning that there won't be a little Honda generator (or Nissan Leaf) hooked up to the back of the Juke to keep the beat bumping. What's the point of the exercise, you ask? Nissan's going on tour and bringing the party with it, driving across Europe in a six-month run. The kickoff date for the Juke Box will be this weekend's 24 Hours of LeMans in Le Sarthe, France, starting a rave for when racegoers have had enough bleacher-bumming for the moment.
A neat addition to the Ministry of Sound in the Juke Box is a built-in radio feed, allowing DJs to broadcaset their live shows from the Juke. If you're wondering how Nissan can put so much sound into one of its smallest vehicles, the Ministry of Sound rigged up a 19-kilowatt sound system into the crossover, adding two 18-inch subwoofers and the same mid-high enclosures the Ministry uses for its dance club setups. "We have made a great product that we believe creates excitement through our innovative approach to the small car market," said Nissan Europe's marketing communications representative Gareth Dunsmore in a statement. "Ministry of Sound is the industry leader in creating the moments people live for through their bespoke sound systems." Over the past several months, Nissan Europe has created some outrageous projects with its most notable being the $600,000, production-ready Nissan Juke-R super crossover. Putting that into production takes fortitude; we wonder if Nissan will try something as insane with this club on wheels. Source: Nissan