2007-08 Honda Fit Recalled for Failing Window Switches

By Jacob Brown | June 28, 2013
Honda must be having fits as it recalls 2007 and 2008 Honda Fit models to repair or replace power window switches that have the potential to malfunction or stop working. The recall affects 143,083 Fit hatchbacks from said model years. According to the recall, there's a potential for moisture to drip between the door seals when the windows are down--as there is in any car when the windows are down--which could seep into the inner door switch controls. Over time, it could cause the electronics to malfunction. You know, fail. Stop working. Cause major inconvenience. Et cetera, et cetera. Oh yeah, and it could cause the unit to melt and possibly affect the car's wiring harness, which could blow out the electronics in the rest of the car. That could be a slightly more expensive proposition.
Honda recommends parking the affected 2007 and 2008 Honda Fit models until they can be fixed under recall. Right now, Honda has a limited number of supplies, but it plans to open up the full recall, issuing notices to all owners, in mid-July. Honda had a recall for window problems in the Fit a few years back; this recall is in addition to the old one. Honda will repair the parts as soon as it can free of charge. Should you have any questions regarding the circumstances of the recall, contact Honda at (800) 999-1009, selecting option 4. Source: Honda