2007 Chrysler Grand Voyager. Will this van slay the SUV?

By Joel Arellano | August 17, 2006
2007 Chrysler Grand Voyager. Will this van slay the SUV?Just as the 2005 Chrysler 300 surprised Americans with the return of the classic big, bold, large sedan, the upcoming Grand Voyager may do the same who need a van without the “soccer mom” stigma associated with it.Details, even the Voyager’s ultimate appearance (the image is computer generated) are still scarce. Most likely, though, it’ll retain the “in your face” grill and the tapering roofline. Since the mini-van(!?!) will be able to carry up to eight passengers and their cargo, expect plenty of interior space and V6 or V8 engines for plenty of pulling power. The Grand Voyager is expected to debut in the U.S. sometime in early 2007. Our take? The Voyager may be able to put to rest all the negative connotations towards mini-vans in the U.S. It couldn’t come at a better time: mini-vans have more space and better fuel-efficiency compared to SUV which continue to dominate American roads.
Source: Sprung: Chrysler's macho people movervia The Age

I have to agree with automotivedp - I think the strong lines and tapered roof give the vehicle a definite masculine presence. If I squint my eyes, I'm even reminded of the erstwhile Excursion. Phear the mad mom in an SRT Voyager on Dubs.