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2007 last year for Lincoln Town Car

By Joel Arellano | September 20, 2006
Is it au revoir for the Lincoln Town Car? Seems so. According to Bloomberg News, Ford Motor Co. reiterated that it still plans to shut down the Wixom plant that manufactures the venerable full-sized sedan.
The Town Car, which first appeared in the late Fifties, has been the car of choice for many of America’s upper echelons. Popular among the livery services, the Town Car makes up more than eighty percent of New York’s rental fleet alone. Ford has not stated its plans for the sedan after 2007. The Mercury Grand Marquis, which is still in production, will most likely replace it. Chrysler’s 300 is also gaining popularity among rental fleets. Our take? Many analysts speculate that the upcoming MKS is the Town Car’s replacement. There have been, however, unconfirmed reports that Ford may bring back the Town Car in 2009. Via Detroit News, Wikipedia

The Lincoln Town car is Legendary from paupers to Presidents,You dont have to sell a Town car it sells it's self. Ask someone what is an MKZ or an MKS, and they'll will ask you what is that? a new Merecedes!! There is already Confusion. Ask someone what is a Town car? And they will tell you A the 1980's when Cadillac downsized the fleetwood and the sedan deville and made them front wheel drive Lincoln stood the test of time and out sold Cadillac and remained RWD Like all Expensive Automobiles, Merecedes,Jaguar,Bentley. speaking of Bentley !! The new 2009 Lincoln Town Car should take some design Que's from the 2008 Bentley 4dr Silver Spur the body style and the rear lights are similar of the 2007 T/C. Look at the Rolls Royce Phantom it has the front end look of a 1989 Lincoln T/C and this car cost $375.000.00 it's big and Luxurious. So if you want young men and women to buy Lincoln town cars Re design them to look like Bentleys, 4drs and 2dr coups thats what society is about (Appearances).


The Lincoln Continental Town Car has been living on the chopping block since the 1980's. It seems that is where our culture likes to keep its royalty. Enduring all knee jerk reactions to become something less than what it is, Town Cars of any age retain the American tradition of quality, comfort, and quiet luxury. Lincoln has a rich design heritage that always blended the avante-gard with period refinement. Stylistic trends are bringing cars back to the idiom that Lincoln never abandoned. Imagine the Navigator and MKX style blended into the Town Cars long sedan body. Imagine a return of the Town Coupe Berline entering the new coupe sedan market. Give it a touring suspension and a roomy luxurious back seat. Or a convertible? Call that one the Continental Mark Nine(the roman 9 ain't pretty). Equipped with a manumatic and the Triton 10. Now that is a car to drive.