2007 Nissan Cube Concept: Being Square Is Cool

By Automotive Staff | March 01, 2007
When Nissan refers to its new SUV as the Cube, it ain't kidding. The car appears like a perfect ice cube. A prototype of the car first appeared about six years ago at the Geneva Show, then more than a year and one half later at the Tokyo Auto Show. The Cube concept is unusual because of its asymmetrical, or non-mirror image, exterior. Look at the placement of the rear windows (#7), for example. That's something we as Americans, or most people, are not use to seeing. But the automaker plans to make this funky SUV a "world car", though, so there are plans to make the production version symmetrical. It makes sense. Since people drive on different sides of the road worldwide, a symmetrical design makes it easy, manufacturing-wise, for example, possible to put the steering wheel on one side or the other. Nissan has not released details of what engine the Cube will use or any other details, including new concept information or when it plans to sell the Scion competitor. More shots and a full description can be found at the link. Our take? The Cube, is obviously, Nissan's answer to the Scion xB and Honda Element. While we personally find all three vehicle too odd for our taste, preferring sleeker vehicles like the new Mazda CX-7 or Nissan's own Murano, we know there are many fans for such SUVs. Via Automobile Magazine